...a helping of contemporary alt rock, and a dash of emo, their lovingly self-proclaimed "Lemon Punk" brings the sweet and the sour.” - Jasmine C. Jones

Ghost Killer Entertainment

The Orlando quartet blends the classic pop-punk sound with a sharper edge and even some inklings of EDM and rap influence for one joyride of a song” - JD Walker

Ghost Killer Entertainment

There’s a push-and-pull to the track that almost feels like it’s dragging you under water, but not in a hostile way.” - #Flashartmark

Rock N Load

408 Tread Alternative Waters In New Single "Undertow"” - Johan Wippsson


Written during quarantine, “Undertow” is a dark song about being in the state of mixed emotions.” - High Road Publicity

High Road Publicity

From catchy radio style hits to harder hitting, emotionally heavy songs, 408 is a band that will continue to grow and flourish in the music scene!” - Dan

The After Hours Review